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The History of the IYPT

The concept behind the IYPT originates from the former Soviet Union. After a tournament of that kind was executed there for quite a while the first international IYPT took place in 1988. After the collapse of the Soviet Union, the IYPT was carried out in other European countries as well, whereas the number of participating countries grew continuosely.

In 2004, the IYPT took place outside of Europe for the first time. Venue was Brisbane (Australia).

Meanwhile, the number of participating countries has grown to over 25. There are also representatives from every continent in the meantime.

In addition the IYPT has developed from a lose community of idealists into an officially registered corporation. In many countries there are national organizations, corporations and associations now which organize qualification competitions and represent their respective countries in the committees of the IYPT. Some of these associations have also been officially and formally recognized by the IYPT in the meantime.


The IYPT is held in another country every year. The IOC decides which of the applying countries may inherit the holding. The organisation itself is then accomplished by Local Organizing Committee (LOC).

The first map shows all the countries that have hosted the IYPT. Soviet Union hosted before 1992, only the latest IYPT is shown for countries that have hosted several times. The second map shows the cities. Moscow, Protvino and Vienna have been hosts more than once. (May take a while to load.)

Here a list of some past and future (planned) venues:

Year Venue Host country Website Permanently archived website
1988 Moscow Soviet Union
1989 Moscow Soviet Union
1990 Moscow Soviet Union
1991 Moscow Soviet Union
1992 Protvino Russia
1993 Protvino Russia
1994 Groningen The Netherlands
1995 Spala Poland
1996 Kutaissi Georgia
1997 Cheb Czech Republic
1998 Donaueschingen Germany
1999 Vienna Austria
2000 Budapest Hungary
2001 Espoo Finland
2002 Odessa Ukraine
2003 Uppsala Sweden
2004 Brisbane Australia
2005 Winterthur Switzerland
2006 Bratislava Slovakia
2007 Seoul Korea
2008 Trogir Croatia
2009 Tianjin China
2010 Vienna Austria
2011 Tehran Iran
2012 Bad Saulgau Germany
2013 Taipei Chinese Taipei
2014 Shrewsbury United Kingdom
2015 Nakhon Ratchasima Thailand
2016 Ekaterinburg Russia
2017 Singapore Singapore
2018 Beijing China
2019 Warsaw Poland
2020 Timișoara Romania
2022 Prague Czech Republic